Harrington and richardson serial numbers

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(official title of the new company) and New England Firearms (the working title for the new company while paperwork was being filled out). Most have nickel-plated receivers and are serial numbered within the same ranges as, and have other characteristics identical to, regular-production H&R Handy-Guns, by variation. Return Policy: 3 day inspection and return policy on used guns and accessories. Harrington & Richardson Arms Co. The major components, such as the barrel, bolt, hammer, operating rod, safety, and trigger housing were stamped with a numeric drawing number and the manufacturer's initials. Year of manufacture with that serial number, best guess, between 1915 and 1920. Further recent research indicates that many H&R frames were manufactured and stamped with serial numbers in the mid-1930s, but not assembled as complete guns until the WWII era.

Harrington and richardson serial numbers

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A capital letter E proof mark on the bottom of the barrel lug. By 1953 (the earliest 'Shooters Bible' I have), the 265 was gone, replaced bythe model 865 "Plainsman". all serial number ranges are estimates.

The first letter N = NEF, H = H&R, the second letter denotes year of manufacture He who questions much learns much. Other identifying characteristics of H&R firearms include a unique serial number, the name Harrington and Richardson stamped on the firearm, and the location of manufacture. Researcher01. The serial number will be six or seven digits long and will have a letter prefix. Learn how to identify the manufacture date of your Harrington Richardson 32 revolver by checking the serial numbers and specifications. Please enter a serial number and click the submit button.

1982 being the last entry. The H&R model 676 was produced from 1975 to 1980. second model 1905-1942 smokeless powder and caliber marking on barrel. ….

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Harrington, the inventor of the top-break revolver, and William A By 1876, H&R had become sufficiently established to be represented at the National Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia, where the company exhibited 24 of its pistols. BAY STATE WORCESTER, MASSS With a serial number in the 800K range -IF the BAY STATE guns were serialed in the same series as the No.

Therefore, H&R serial numbers alone will not always indicate the variation number. Neither shotgun had a serial number on it.

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